We opened our office in January 2009, when the world was knee deep in recession and PR budgets were taking a beating. Many people thought we were slightly crazy, but six years down the road, 26 employees later and with an amazing portfolio of happy clients, there’s no (time for) looking back.

Five little things that make a BIG difference

There’s no cookie cutter in this office. Every campaign is crafted specifically for the client in question.
We love a good challenge, and we’re not afraid to challenge conventional thinking
for the good of the brand either. If you’re after a team of yes-men, we’re not the
team for you.
Everyone’s talking Social Media, but we go the extra mile to keep ahead of the competition. That’s why we brought Social Media Week to Singapore.
Our independence keeps us on our toes. We are a collective of individuals with
big agency experience who decided to follow their true passion and challenge the global big guns.
A happy, inspired team makes for happy, inspired clients. Our culture in and out of
the office is what makes us tick.

We’re known as many things...

AKA stands for Also Known As. Every brand has numerous manifestations and it’s our role as a communications agency to help our clients relate to and engage their different audiences in ways that are compelling and creative. One size does
not fit all, and this belief is at the heart of everything we do.

Some members of the team have recently tried to hijack the meaning of AKA, changing it to Amazingly Kick Ass, because we are (or strive to be!) just that.



Independent and proud of it

Our independence has always been important to us. The purpose of opening the office in late 2008 was to bring all the good parts of agency life to a consultancy, without the constraints and pressures that are part and parcel of a listed company. As we stand, we're able to pick and choose likeminded businesses and individuals to work with, in turn helping to grow our business and strengthen our culture.

This independence allows us to attract and retain quality clients who invest in us as we invest in them.

Our independence also allows us to create an environment that focuses on individuals and their personal professional development.