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April Fool’s 2022: from sheet to street

One of the biggest barriers to using a condom? The embarrassment of buying it in the first place. But why should we feel ashamed about having safe sex?


To challenge this “shame”, we wanted to make Durex something people can wear with pride — even beyond the bedroom. We created a limited edition streetwear collection that leverages Gen Z’s most-loved trend, emblazoned with the Durex logo, graphics and witty copy; picking up condoms hardly seems like a challenge anymore.


From “Safe Tee First” tees to “Wrap That Head” bucket hats, we launched the collection ahead of April Fool’s Day, leaning into the cheeky Durex tone to keep media and consumers guessing if it was a prank. This resulted in two waves of coverage, as media debated its authenticity and then revealed that it was very much real and how to get your hands on it.


Apart from becoming highly sought after in Singapore and Malaysia, the collection also earned us 32 pieces of coverage, with 88% stand-alone Durex pieces in Tier 1 titles including CNA, Mothership, SGAG, Zula and AsiaOne – some of which have never featured Durex before. We hit an earned reach of over 38 million, and our social post about the launch had an engagement rate of 11.6%, exceeding the average by 83%!

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