Giant Supermarket Relaunch

Lower prices
that last

Giant was due to launch its refreshed brand in September 2020, right in the heart of COVID-19. As part of its new proposition, Giant would introduce lower pricing for essential items.


As Dairy Farm Group’s corporate communications retainer agency, we helped shape the launch positioning for Giant - Lower Prices that Last. By leading with its price reduction, we highlighted the significant investment the brand has made to help make every basket count for Singaporeans in the longer term. This would also differentiate Giant from competitors offering short-term promotions.


We held a media huddle with the CEO a day before launch, giving media time to develop more in-depth articles with consistency and clarity of the news points. The result was over 50 pieces of media coverage in key dailies, trade and lifestyle media in just one week. All articles included the key message of long-term price reduction and supporting customers in the midst of COVID.