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Impossible Foods

Landing in

To launch plant-based meat brand impossible Foods as the future of sustainable eating, we needed to win the most important stakeholders over in Singapore - F&B professionals. This was part of our launch strategy to get key opinion leaders trying the product and experiencing its versatility, while driving demand with visible preview events.


We held an informal preview sampling and burger cooking evening for F&B professionals at Park Bench Deli, while investors gathered at 1880 for a panel discussion and tasting. A ‘first to taste’ session was also organised for media hosted in partnership with Potato Head’s Three Buns.


This was supported by a series of high profile broadcast, radio and print interviews with the founder and management team reinforcing the vision and features of Impossible Foods. 

A Lau Pa Sat Food Court takeover, in collaboration with two local hawkers and two partner chefs, provided a limited number of consumers first dibs in trying out Impossible Foods in Singapore.


The result was blanket coverage across mainstream media, lifestyle and social media platforms. The public event at Lau Pa Sat had over 1,500 consumers queueing for the experience within three hours.

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