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Jetstar Goes

Singlish Lah!

How do you make a brand feel like of Singapore’s own? Speak their language. Literally! 


Not many locals know that Jetstar Asia is actually an Australian and Singaporean venture. So we came up with an idea to prove that Jetstar is one of Singapore’s own, by speaking the nation’s language. We tricked the nation into believing that Jetstar was introducing Singlish on its flights as an April Fools Day prank. Our behind-the-scenes mockumentary of its Singlistics Training Programme had everybody (including the media) fooled! In one weekend, we racked up over 1.5 million views, generated over 100 pieces of media coverage and increased traffic to the Jetstar site by 42% as fans hurried to check if the rumours were true. We got the tone just right, bantering in Singlish with fans on social media to prove we were one of Singapore’s own. 


And when consumers begged us to do it for real, we listened. We launched Singlish flights for one day only on Singapore’s 51st birthday. Our film of the inaugural Singlish flight was watched over 2.2million times and shared over 20,000 times. We generated an additional 120 pieces of media coverage and even impacted the brand’s bottom line as fans rushed to be a part of this uniquely Singaporean experience. 


That’s no joke. 

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