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The LEGO Group

LEGO DreamZzz®™:
if you can dream it,
you can achieve it

Embarking on a journey of pure joy, we beamed the excitement of The LEGO Group's latest creation, LEGO DreamZzz®™, directly into the heart of the APAC region. How, you ask? Well, through a series of three YouTube live streams that were like cozy get-togethers, each catering to ANZ/SEA, Japan, and HK/TW.Imagine cozy studios, each with its own theme, as we welcomed invited media and influencers across APAC. They got the VIP treatment, enjoying an exclusive sneak peek into the imaginative universes and even chatting live with the brilliant minds behind it all, straight from LEGO's headquarters in Billund.Adding a touch of warmth, we organized a fireside chat that explored the magic of dreams and how kiddos can channel their creative superpowers. It was like a virtual campfire sharing secrets, LEGO DreamZzz®™ style! As the livestream unfolded, media and fans across the region tuned in, making it a relaxed and delightful celebration of the launch of LEGO DreamZzz®™. To keep things engaging, we sprinkled in some online quizzes, turning the livestream into a laid-back, interactive hangout. Now, for the results – cue the drumroll:

  • Viewers stuck around for an impressive 9x longer compared to the last livestream by the brand. It seems everyone enjoyed the cozy virtual gathering!

  • Media coverage lit up like fairy lights, with 124 pieces across print, online, and social

  • A group of 66 media and KOLs made it a point to join our chill livestream session.

  • The LEGO DreamZzz®™ ripple reached a whopping 33.35 million (excluding ANZ and SEA). Dreams really do come true, one LEGO brick at a time! #LEGOChillZone #DreamOnLEGO

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