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Live in Levi's

Levi’s was on its way to win over and connect with the new generation of fashion lovers. Bolstered by a strong business rebound, Levi’s has taken a bold stand on sustainability, a topic close to the hearts of its younger consumers. To drive awareness and desirability among this target segment in Singapore, we created a series of events to spark love for the brand. We established a pop-up space as a meeting place for denim lovers and fashion enthusiasts to bond over sustainable fashion and upcycling. Centered on the brand’s promise of authentic self-expression and celebration of personal style, there were specially curated experiential activities for media and KOLs to share the Levi’s story in a more impactful way. We also turned its flagship store opening into an iconic shopping moment and hosted media and KOLs at the store’s launch, creating immersive product discovery experiences through a fashion runway and customisations such as live denim illustrations.

Result? We created much hype and excitement, driving higher footfall to “buy better, wear longer” with Levi’s.

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