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Tiger Beer

Born in Singapore Tiger District Bottles

Singaporeans don’t express their national pride enough for our most awarded locally brewed beer. In fact, many do not even recognise Tiger as a local brand.


To prove it is truly home-grown, we celebrated what it means to be born in Singapore with the release of limited-edition Tiger district bottles repping our local neighbourhoods. We put the power in the hands of the public to vote which neighbourhoods should be immortalised on these bottles - through a tongue-in-cheek Singapore District Elections.


We created an entire universe for the elections - from a microsite where you could cast your vote to customised district swag kits that stoked the flames for community pride. We garnered unprecedented support by way of social mentions from high profile local influencers and generated over 300 pieces of coverage. In just 6 weeks, almost 10,000 online votes were cast.


Celebrating the launch of the 20 Tiger District Bottles, we organised a Tiger District Party that paid homage to all things Singapore. From beer to food and music, Tiger brought the community together to enjoy our beloved local flavours in the heart of our city.


Tiger Born in Singapore became the most successful campaign in the brand’s history. In 2019 following the campaign, Tiger reclaimed its spot as the #1 beer in Singapore.

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